MailChimp Training Client Feedback

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It’s 5* from me!

I’m usually very confident about picking up software and running with it. Unusually I was very quickly overwhelmed by how to use and set up MailChimp to deliver the best effect for my small business.

In the beginning, there was a techy type who wondered about MailChimp … what could be so difficult? It came to pass that it was indeed difficult and soon overwhelming and interest was lost.

Then came Laura to the rescue!! Ta Dah! In just three hours I was completely enlightened by pretty much every aspect of MailChimp. The delivery was perfectly pitched, the thorough content was delivered in a very practical and hands-on way in language which was understandable.

Thoroughly enjoyed it and I 100% recommend the Intermediate MailChimp course to anyone who is running a business. It’s a real skill delivering technical content to overwhelmed people and Laura is particularly good at ensuring her students have a great grasp of the content.

Well done Laura! ..and thanks!

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